Research profiles

  1. Baumann, Antje (FB A German Didactics): didactics, multilingualism, literacy, language and music
  2. Bode, Frauke, Dr. (FB A Romance Philology): theory of lyrics, intertextuality
  3. Chihaia, Matei, Prof. Dr. (FB A Romance Philology): stylistics and semiotics
  4. Eichfelder, Sebastian, Prof. Dr. (Faculty B Tax theory): Complexity of taxes, bureaucratic costs, tax consulting, tax equity, taxation of earned income, taxation of families and tax planning 
  5. Frey, Julia (FB A German Linguistics): applied media linguistics, business communication, marketing, online communication
  6. Gil, Laia Arnaus (FB A Romance Linguistics): L1 acquisition,  2L1 acquisition (multilingualism), trilingualism, Generative Grammar
  7. Göbbel, Edward, Dr. (FB A English Linguistics): syntax, phonology, information structure, typology
  8. Göbel, Kerstin, Dr. (Institute of Education research, School of Education): Migration and acculturation in school, intercultural sensitivity, research on classroom teaching / video analysis
  9. Hsu, Chia-Chun, (FB B Experimental Industrial Psychology): t.b.a.
  10. Jäger, Andreas, Dr. (FB A German Linguistics): crosslinguistic comparison and language change, functional typology of do-periphrases, auxiliary constructions, evidentiality, question tags 
  11. Jost, Eleonore, Dr. (FB A Romance Linguistics): contrastive linguistics, lhistory of romance languages, languages for special purposes, phraseology, French based creoles
  12. Kellermeier-Rehbein, Birte, Dr. (FB A German Linguistics): linguistic varieties, national varieties, lexicography, word formation, colonial linguistics, German in Namibia
  13. Kiziltan, Dilek (FB A German Linguistics): language of the media, marketing
  14. Köberlein-Neu, Juliane, Prof. Dr. (FB B Competence Centre for Health Management and Public Health):  Shared Decision Making (esp. doctor-patient communication), medical care, sectoral collaboration in public health
  15. Krahé, Detlef, Prof. Dr. (FB E Signal Processing): Digital signal transmission, language and speech recognition, language synthesis, computer based  language assistance
  16. Krajewski, Jarek, Prof. Dr. (FB B Experimental Industrial Psychology): fatigue detection and management, biological signal converting, pattern recognition, speech emotion recognition, stock market prediction
  17. Laufenberg, Tom (FB B Experimental Industrial Psychology): acoustic leadership analysis, speech and video based emotion recognition, pattern recognition, driver condition recognition
  18. Leder, Achim (FB B Experimental Industrial Psychology): comfort gain and increase of wellness for passengers on long distance flights, improvements      in aviation
  19. Lepich, Thomas (FB E Process Informatics / Human Computer Interaction): computer graphics, graphical simulation, game development and e-learning
  20. Li, Meng (FB G Pedagogy of Early Childhood): L2 acquisition, teaching discourse in L2, verbal interaction
  21. Liebwald, Doris, Dr. (IEF-Fellow at the ZefiS): legal informatics, language and law, e-government, law of information and communication technology, European law
  22. Möller, Reinhard, Prof. Dr. (FB E Process Informatics / Human Computer Interaction): multimodal human-machine systems, computer graphics, scientific visualization, real-time-sight simulation, automation systems
  23. Molz, Günter, Dr. (Faculty G Psychology, Method theory and psychological Diagnostics): methods, cognitive psychology (primarily decisions in the contexts of business psychology), suggestiveness
  24. Mroz, Juliane (FB A German Linguistics): languages for special purposes, corpus linguistics, abbreviations, Anglicisms, language change
  25. Neuland, Eva, Prof. Dr. (FB A German Didactics): sociolinguistics, conversation research, text linguistics, stylistics, didactics, German as acforeign language, intercultural communication
  26. Peschel, Corinna, Dr. (Institut für Bildungsforschung, School of Education): grammar and writing didactics, German as a second language, text linguistics and didactics, word formation
  27. Petrova, Svetlana, Prof. Dr. (FB A German Linguistics): historical linguistics (focus on syntax, semantics, information structure) and modeling of language change
  28. Premper, Waldfried, Dr. (FB A German Linguistics): language philosophy, functionalism, grammaticalization
  29. Ralf, Radach, Dr. (FB G General and biological Psychology): Research of reading, Visual information processing and attention, Electronic media: Usability and training, Neuropsychology and Neurolinguistics
  30. Rapic, Smail, Prof. Dr. (FB A Cultural Studies): Enlightenment, Classical German Philosophy, Philosophy of the 19. century after Hegel, Husserl,
    Analytic Language Philosophy, Critical Social Theory)
  31. Rathert, Monika, Prof. Dr. (FB A German Linguistics): morphosyntax, semantics, language and law, psycholinguistics
  32. Rüdiger-Mastandrea, Barbara, Prof. Dr. (FB C Applied Mathematics, Stochastics): mathematical modeling of complex systems
  33. Runschke, Kerstin (FB A German Didactics): youth language research, text linguistics, intercultural communication
  34. Schnieder, Sebastian (FB B Experimental Industrial Psychology): acoustic recognition of depressivion, linguistic emotion recognition, psycholinguistics
  35. Shumeyko, Olga (FB A German Linguistics): corporate communication, crisis management, marketing, applied linguistics
  36. Symanczyk Joppe, Vilma (FB A German Linguistics): grammaticalization, linguistics of the writing system, optimality theory & construction grammar, system theory
  37. Tatchouala, Eugeune Colinet  (FB A German Didactics): Contrastive and intercultural sociolinguistics, youth language varieties (German - Cramfranglais), DaF, lexicosemantics and pragmalinguistics
  38. Teich, Anika (FB B Experimental Industrial Psychology): t.b.a.
  39. Ungruh, Stefan (FB B Experimental Industrial Psychology): human-machine-interaction, pattern recognition, psychomotor measurement technology, work psychology
  40. Varley, Nadia (FB A German Linguistics): minimalism, syntax and interfaces, comparative morphosyntax, German and Slavic languages, language acquisition, language typology
  41. Vorstius, Christian, Dr.(FB G General and Biological psychology): Inter- and Intraindividual differences in Reading behaviour, Cognitive and visuomotorical factors in the development of reading, Influence of alcohol on cognitive und motorical processes, Self-regulation and the interaction of emotions and cognition
  42. Wieland, Rainer, Prof. Dr. (FB B Organizational Psychology): t.b.a.
  43. Yoon, Suwon, PhD (Humboldt-Fellow at the ZefiS): syntax, semantics, pragmatics, psycholinguistics 


Contact Details

Center for interdisciplinary language research (ZefiS)

Prof. Dr. Monika Rathert
Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Dept.: German studies / Linguistics
Office: O.08.01
Gaußstr. 20
D-42119 Wuppertal
Tel.: +49 (0)202 439 2374



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