School of Humanities

Fields of research within the ZefiS

We do research within three interdisciplinary fields of research:

  1. Speech Recognition
  2. Language in Law, Economy and Medicine
  3. Multilingualism and the multicultural society

In the following, you find the relevant Teaching and Research Profiles of the BUW in brackets behind each field of research. Subtopics are listed and the relevant disciplines are mentioned (e.g. linguistics & psychology).

Interdisciplinary language research is our general field of research, within this, we do research in:

  1. Speech Recognition (Profiles: c Health, d Language, e Engineering)
    • Emotion recognition (linguistics & psychology)
    • automated user assessment in Human-Machine-Interaction (linguistics & signal processing & informatics)
    • automated user assessment in the automotive context (linguistics & signal processing & informatics & automotive technics)
    • computer aided stuttering therapy (signal processing & linguistics & didactics & medicine)
  2. Language in Law, Economy and Medicine (Profiles: b Education, c Health, d Language, f Business)
    • Organization communication, business communication (linguistics & economics/ marketing)
    • communication and interaction in medicine (linguistics & health management)
    • crisis communication (linguistics & economics / marketing)
    • advertising language (linguistics & marketing)
    • comprehensibility of law, taxes and medical information (law & tax theory & linguistics)
    • languages for special purposes (linguistics and the other field, now law & informatics & medicine)
    • information and communication technology law (informatics & law & linguistics)
  3. Multilingualism and the multicultural society (Profiles: b Education, d Language)
    • DaF and DaZ (Deutsch als Fremd- or Zweitsprache, German as an L2) (linguistics & didactics & pedagogy)
    • European multilingualism and European law (linguistics & law)
    • intercultural communication and intercultural sociolinguistics (pedagogy & didactics & linguistics)
    • migration and acculturation in school (pedagogy & didactics & linguistics)
    • tri- and bilingual acquisition (pedagogy & didactics & linguistics)

Disciplinary linguistics is necessarily the basis of interdisciplinary language research or linguistics (profile: d Language). Research in disciplinary linguistics is done in the ZefiS on the following topics:

  1. semantics (definitness, evidentiality, focus particles, comparative etc.)
  2. syntax (question tags, object pronouns etc.)
  3. morphology (clippings, possessives, word formation etc.)
  4. pragmatics (implicature, information structure)
  5. phonology (prosody, phonetics)
  6. neuro- and psycholinguistics
  7. theories of grammar (Functionalism, Generative Grammar, Minimalism)
  8. typology

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