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Contact Details

Center for interdisciplinary language research (ZefiS)

Prof. Dr. Monika Rathert
Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Dept.: German studies / Linguistics
Office: O.08.01
Gaußstr. 20
D-42119 Wuppertal
Tel.: +49 (0)202 439 2374



  • Neurokognitive Poetik: Wie Texte Emotionen erzeugen
    Prof. Dr. Arthur M. Jacobs von der FU Berlin spricht am 27.10. (das ist der Donnerstag in der... [more]
  • ZefiS- Kolloquium summer term 2015
    The programme of ZefiS- Kolloquium SS 15 is here available. [more]
  • The lecture "Die Gegner [...] sind zur Sammlung und Offensive übergegangen. Sie haben die Begriffe besetzt." Zur Geschichte einer sprachpolitischen Metapher.
    Martin Wengeler (Universität Trier) will hold a lecture about "Die Gegner [...] sind zur Sammlung... [more]
  • The lecture "Anwendungsbezogene Linguistik im klinischen Bereich" of Anna-Lena Scherger
    Anna-Lena Scherger (Bergische Universität Wuppertal) will hold a lecture about "Anwendungsbezogene... [more]
  • anglicism and abbreviations
    Online census about anglicism and abbrevations here [more]
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ZefiS Mentoring

The ZefiS supports its members who are currently in their qualification phase (grad students or postdocs). Therefore, the directors offer regular mentorings. So far, topics were:

  • Analysis of potential and career planning
  • Tenure procedures; third party funding; time management; options for postdocs 
  • How to write a PhD thesis (formalities, style, own contribution to the state of research, how to begin, own strenghts and weaknesses)
  • For grad students: Working on specific writing/structural problems of PhD theses; participants will work with examples from actual dissertations.
  • For postdocs (but not exclusively): Third party funding (advanced session)